New Urban Kampung

The 'New Urban Kampung' is a S$6-million interdisciplinary research program with team members from architecture, humanities, and engineering pillars. This research aims to develop new strategies and platforms to enable public housing estates to become vibrant collaborative communities, replicating the spirit of the old ‘kampung’ (village) with their strong community care and resilience.

The programme includes 4 projects:

  • Project 1: Geo-sociodemographics: Redefining Segments of Residents
    • To understand the needs and lifestyles of HDB residents and guide agencies to make more targeted solutions in HDB towns for future needs
  • Project 2: Quality of Life: Understanding Quality of Life in HDB Neighbourhoods
    • To understand the wellbeing of HDB residents and recommend ideas to improve residents’ satisfaction in HDB towns
  • Project 3: Self-enabled Communities: Promoting Self-Enabled Communities
    • To develop tools that enable HDB residents to stay connected with their like-minded neighbors and self-organize activities together
  • Project 4: Urban Analytics: Understanding Future Residents
    • To develop a tool that helps to understand needs of future HDB residents

My role

  • Analysed and visualized large scale survey data and social media data
  • Conducted Q method analysis to help identifying Quality of Life (QoL) indicators
  • Conducted segmentation analysis with machine learning techniques
  • Designed and developed interactive visualization dashboard for client-side
  • Applied network analysis techniques to identify social networks and spatial features
  • Developed an R package to adopt different algorithms for inferring meaningful locations

Supported by: Ministry of National Development (MND) - Land & Liveability National Innovation Challenge (L2NIC)